Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Install the Maximo Scheduler 7.5.2 on Maximo

Goal: Install Maximo Scheduler 7.5.2 on Maximo

Example:We want to use Maximo Scheduler 7.5.2 on our Maximo environment.

Windwos Server 2003, SQL Server

How to:

Note; You do not need to stop the MXServer before you begin, the MXServer will however be shutdown in one of the following steps.

Run the Launchpad.exe as the same user you installed Maximo with (use the launchpad64.exe if you install on a 64 bits server)

If you run the launchpad.exe as an other user, the installer cannot find the location of the ctg_install.locations and will display an error when you click on the 'Install Product' link the left. 

ERROR: The Launchpad is unable to locate a path to Tivoli's Process Automation Engine installation. This product cannot be installed without Tivoli's Process Automation Engine. Please make sure the path is correct in the ctg_install.locations file located under your Administrator's home directory. For additional assistance please contact IBM Support.

When you use the correct user you get the following screen, there we click on the 'IBM Maximo Scheduler 7.5.2' link 

Click on [OK] in the next screen

Click on [Next]  in the 'Package Validation Results' screen

In the 'Software License Agreement' screen accept the agreement and click [Next]

Do not select any on the options in the 'Package Options' screen.

In the 'Middleware Login Information' screen you have to fill in the correct information on all three tabs (Maximo DB, WebSphere Admin, Websphere Remote) and click [Next]  when finished.

The installer will now do a 'System Check' 

When finished, review the results, and if all is good, click [Next] 

The Deployment process is now shown

Maximo will be shut down by this proces now. So it you didn't stop the MXServer, the Installer will as you see in the screenshot below by the 'Last Action' 

At the end The following error shows up: 

CTGIN0143E: An action error ocurred during the processing of a deployment operation. Action identifier: "Deploy_Maximo_Help_EAR". Action display name: "Deploy the Maximo help EAR using the WebSphere thin client".

I decide to click the [Cancel] button and to check Websphere.
I log in to Websphere Integrated Solutions Console and go to the Applications -> Application Types -> Websphere enterprise applications.
There the MAXIMO and MXIEHS are running.

I go to Maximo and it is running, i log in and check the Help -> System Information

Then i check the Help

Everything seems ok to me. Maybe the error was because of a timeout. I had this before when you let the installer do the rebuild and redeploy but the server is slow (often the case on a test virtual machine)

Next i check the Scheduler. Click on the Go To menu on Planning and Scheduling en choose 'Scheduler'

The Scheduler application is now available.


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