Monday, June 23, 2014

Install and Enable a second language in Maximo

Install a second language in Maximo on a Windows 2012 server.

I installed my Maximo
with the English language. Now I want to install Dutch as the second language.

When I login i want to have the option to select my language. Now there is no option for that:


Step 1 - check if language if installed

Sometimes the language is installed but not enabled. Go to the installation directory and check if the language folder is located in tools/maximo. In this example I check my installation directory E:\ibm\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo

Check inside the folder for a folder named xliff and check if the folder contains data. For some languages the folders are there, but there only is a a_mif folder.

When you want to create a custom language you could edit the xliff files. Also if you want to check if the languae is available, you could open the files. Because if you open an xliff file you can see that it is a sort of xml type file you can read and edit

Step 2 - Install a language (optional)
If the language folder isn't available you can add it by running the Maximo installer. In this example I use a Windows 2012 server, so I use the method for starting the installed as described in a other post on this blog ( So for more details why I run the installtion this way, refer to this post.

Start the Maximo installation:

Now just click through all the screens, as they will just tell you what is installed

It will tell me a newer version is installed since i run the installer. Click [Next]

Then after a short while the screen with languages pops up.
It will show what languages are installed and you can check the languages to install. As you can see I also had the Spanish, German, French and Dutch language installed. Now I add the Danish language for the purpuse of testing this, and click [Next]

There already is a 'da' folder in the E:\ibm\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo locationBut it doesn't contain any data (except the a_mif)

I check both options and click [Next]

In the summary I click [Next]

Then I click [Install]

Wait untill it is finished

When finished a dialog pops up with the notification that warnings are reported in the log.

First I click [Done]  this way the logs will be unlocked and updated.
Then i navigate to E:\IBM\SMP\logs and open the CCMDB_install.log

I search for the warning and found it on line 561

Apparently the license could not be copied.

When i browse to E:\ibm\SMP\ there is no license folder.

There is however a E:\ibm\SMP\licensetemp\V7.5.0.0\Base_Services folder. In there .txt files are stored with the license agreement. So nothing to worry about I gues. Maybe another thing related to the installation in Windows Server 2012?

I decide to run the taskrunner. Open a Dosbox as Administrator and go to E:\IBM\SMP\scripts and run

So now we have the xliff files for the 'da' language in E:\ibm\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo.

Step 3 - Enable a language

Next we need to to tell Maximo to use the xliff files. I will enable the nl language

First we stop the MXServer.

Note: I tried to login to Websphere but got a 'This page can't be displayed'

Solved it by starting the ctgCellManager01 Service via the Windows Services manager.

Now i can login to Websphere and stop the MXServer

Now open a dosbox as Administrator and go to E:\IBM\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo and run TDToolkit -addlangnl

Wait until the task is finished.

Now we start the MXServer and go to the login screen of Maximo

And the enabled Language is now selectable:


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