Thursday, October 2, 2014

Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

Check out the new version of Windows, Windows 10 :)


Get the Technical Preview and run it on a VM in VMWare

Downloading the ISO

So Windows 10 is available now for insiders.

I registered as a Insider on (just one click, very simple) and started the download of the Windows Technical Preview. 

These version are available:
  • English 64-bits (x64)
  • English 32-bits (x86)
  • English (United Kingdom) 64-bits (x64)
  • English (United Kingdom) 32-bits (x86)
  • Chinees (Simplified) 64-bits (x64)
  • Chinese (Simplified) 32-bits (x86)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) 64-bits (x64)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) 32-bits (x86)

I downloaded the 64bits English version.

VM configuration
I started a new VMware Virtual Machine configuration with this configuration:
(I have mounted the downloaded ISO)

Installing Windows

I choose the second option "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)"

I choose my Unallocated Space and click [Next]

I choose [Use express settings] so I can see what options there are.

These options are available when clicking on the Icon on the left bottom. (accessibility options)

And there it is. Windows 10.

Anything you want me to check out, let me know :)


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