Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scheduler - Schedule in Working Periods only

Use the Maximo Scheduler to schedule workorders in the working periods only. 

Windows Server 2012, Oracle 11g, Maximo, Scheduler 7.5.2

When using the Maximo Scheduler the schedule isn't according to the working periods. If e.g. the working period is 12 hours a day and the workorder has a duration of 13 hours the work should be scheduled over a 2 day span.
By default the Maximo Scheduler will not show this behavior. Even when we assign the right calendar and shifts the schedule will not use the working periods defined in the calendar shifts.



To tell Scheduler to plan while taking the working period in account we actually need to modify the workorder. On the workorder there is a field INTERRUPTIBLE that by default is set to 0.
When we set this field to 1 the scheduler is allowed to interrupt the work and span it across two days:

The same plan, but now with the interruptible fied checked on all workorders.

When you want this behaviour by default you can set the ITERRUPTIBLE field to 1 by default. Make sure to do this on the WORKORDER object and on the WOACTIVITY object.


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