Saturday, January 24, 2015

Update Windows 10 Technical Preview Troubleshooting

Update my Windows 10 Technical Preview to the latest build.

My build is on 9841

There is a new build available and when searching online I found out that if you want to update you need to go to "PC Settings -> Update and recovery -> Preview builds.

When I go to Update and Recovery there is no such option...


First I found out that I needed to be logged in as local admin, not as the Microsoft account user I normally use.

So i log in as local admin, and now the option is there.

But when I check for updates, no updates are found.
So I search online and found this site:

So a register edit may be the solution.

I open regedit and go to the key:

And there the BranchName is set on tbl_awesome1501 I change this to tbl_release and close the register editor.

Now I check again and a update is found:

After downloading is complete I can click the [Install now] button

After a little while:

And there it is. Windows 10 build 9879


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