Thursday, April 7, 2016

WP App part 6 - Completing the app and various improvements

Publish the App

Previous parts:

Part 1 - First setup

Part 2 - The setup of the DataModel

Part 3 - Using the FilePicker

Part 4 - Saving and Loading images from and to a byte array

Part 5 - Copy Images to Local App Folder

Since the last post all the base functionality is in place and I started testing and tweaking the app.

Some of the improvements I made:

  • Storing thumbnails alongside the original image to reduce the load when previewing a Manual
  • Made it possible to attach multiple images to a Manual. This was quite a big change.
At the end I published the app to the store.
This was a easy and fast process. One thing I as struggeling with was getting the tile and store image in place.

But since my struggels the Dev center has been updated and it is a bit more clear now.

All in all it was fun to build an app.

For those interested you can find it here:

URL for Windows 10
URL for Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier


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