Monday, May 2, 2016

Maximo Field Focus Issue

When clicking in a table, the focus of the cursors does not go to the clicked field but to the previous clicked field. This behavior did not occur in Maximo but since we installed the patch this problem occurs.

Oracle 11 RAC and DB2
Windows 2012 Server

IE10, IE 11, Chrome 49, Firefox 44

Issue Details:

Note: images are in Dutch, but even in that language you will get the point :) 

Click in a field in the table;

The  row is selected (blue) but the focus has jumped to field in the first row 

Click again and the focus is in the field on the correct column

Every first click isn’t correct, the click is registered but the field focus is one behind.

And a other example in the Workorder application on the plans tab:
Go to the plans tab:

By default the first row is selected, we click on the description field in task 30:

Focus jumps to first row:

Next we click on the Description in task 40, now the description of task 30 get the focus. The focus lags one behind…

The solution is to install Maximo  There is no specific mention of this behaviour and that it is fied in this release. So I wanted to share it.

Note that the ear file is 100 MB larger now …